Support vehicles

foelgebil No private following vehicles are allowed. If such a thing is detected, the the involved participants will be taken out of the race.
Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or otherwise becomes unable to continue , contact the race direction, who will make sure that you and your bike will be transported back to the starting area. Your bike can afterwards be collected at the race secretariat until Sunday 2pm - For later collection contact the race direction.

We exclusively allow RAAM participants to have support vehicles, giving them a chance to practice crew functions under conditions similar to RAAM :

We can accept accompanying car for RAAM participants on a daily route following conditions: The vehicle must drive at least 150 meter from any participant (own rider and other participants). The car is allowed to pass other riders if it does not interfere, ie overtake with reasonable pace, good distance (leap frogging). If conditions is not suitable to pass, the support vehicle shall stay behind at minimum 150 m distance.

If the support vehicle stops, it must be done without inconvenience to other participants and traffic. As in RAAM, this means that car and helpers must be completely off the road and bike lane.

In case of complaints the involved following vehicle will be stopped.