Starting groups

First start is Saturday at 10:00 AM for RAAM - Qualifiers, recumbents and tandems .

Next start will be 12-hour solo, pairs and teams together.

After 12-hour, we start 24-hour solo, couples and teams together.

Start group size is max 60 participants. All groups will be divided into more groups, if there are more than 60 participants in the above subgroups

During the registration you are asked to indicate your expected average speed for the day loop. We strongly recommend that you not  too optimistic about your choice , otherwise you'll be starting with stronger participants  and end up spending a lot of energy trying to hang on .

We make the groups starting with participants registered by 15th May following :
First: Selected speed group
Second: Date of registration
If you plan to ride together with a specific group of riders, we can arrange that you start together, if you contact us. It will then be the  latest registration time and lowest speed selected for the group members, that decides the groups starting group.  

The division into start groups carried out immediately after 15th May, and change of start group will not be possible. Riders registering later than 15th May will be placed in the late start group according to registration date.