race across america

RAAM Qualification

XTREME Melfar24 is Europe's largest qualifying race for Race Across America (RAAM).

In order to qualify for RAAM, men must do at least 380 miles (611.6 km). Women must do at least 350 miles (563.3 km) (New distances from 2018)

It is not allowed to draft. For the current definition, see RAAM's website: LINK (Find the details under Race Resources, Gearbook)

TT bars is allowed in the RAAM qualifer class (and not in other classes)

After the race we inform RAAM about the names of the qualified. As a RAAM qualifier at Xtreme Melfar 24, you do not need to inform the RAAM organization yourself.

It is fully OK to participate in the RAAM class without ambitions for RAAM participation, if you for example simply prefer to drive with aerobars. You must be prepared to drive alone and comply with the rules of the class.

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