Practical information

XTREME Melfar24 is a non-racing bicycle ride of 12 or 24 hour duration, suitable for the elite as well as for the or leisure cyclists.

All individuals 18 years old on race day can participate

Race is allways 1st full weekend in June
Start is Saturday at 10:00 am 
Finish on Saturday at 10 pm (12H) and Sunday at 10:00 am (24H)

Race timing by large clock at the Start/Finish line.

Repair and maintenance
Repair and maintenance possibilities are provided at the start area in Middelfart. Arrive early if you need any kind of technical support or repairs. Cash payment.There will only be very limited possibilities for technical support along the courses. Don't forget repair outfit.

There will be beverage and food depot in the start/finish area. Crew can pick up food for their riders in the depot, or the rider can use the depot himself.

Your bicycle
Be sure that your bicycle is in as good condition as you are! Go over your bike from A to Z before starting and remember to bring head- and rear lights and reflectors. Do not use flashing rear lights in regard of the rider just behind you. 
All types of road legal bicycles can enter the race.

Triathlon handlebars or armrests are only allowed for RAAM qualifiers.

All riders participate at their own risk. Check your insurances before starting.

Details regarding provisioning will be available well in advance of the start.

It is important to be physically well prepared for a 12 or 24 hours race - the fitter you are, the more fun during the race. We recommend a minimum of 2000 km training before the race. Design a Training Plan and start training regularly early in the spring. The season is already in full swing when Bianchi Melfar24 starts, so getting fit shouldn't be a problem, if you go for it.

In case of accidents or breakdowns you and your bike will be transported back to Middelfart. Contact the race direction using the phonenumber printed on your start number. You can collect your bike at the Start/Finish area before 3 pm on race-sunday. For later collection please call and make an arrangement. Your health is fully your own responsibility. Do not attempt Bianchi Melfar24 if you feel any signs of illness whatsoever.

Approved bicycling helmet is prescribed when participating in Bianchi Melfar24.

Rest period after the race
Have a good rest after the race before you drive home, especially if you're the driver of the car. Driving home without resting is reckless and dangerous. Please use the resting facilities provided in the Start/Finish area.

Registration of mileage/checkpoints
At each checkpoint, controls and at the Start/Finish area all riders must pass the automatic timing systems. On the checkpoints, registration may be manual, please follow the race officials instructions. This is done to record your distance as well as to check that the courses are being observed. Participants must follow the marked loops and register at the checkpoints.

Common sense
Traffic laws shall be obeyed. Ride safely and use common sense. Use the resting facilities if you feel tired or uncomfortable during the race. Address of Race Office in the Start/Finish area: Strib Fritids & Aktivitetscenter, Billeshavevej 1, 5500 Middelfart.

Opening hours:
Friday from 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm. Saturday from 07:30 am - until Sunday 02:00 pm.
Race number pickup and late registration until Saturday at 09:00 am.

Race phone
You can call the Race office on phone +45 30 28 24 57. This phone number connects to one of the race board year round.

There will be possibility (limited) for free massage close to the Start/Finish area in Middelfart.

Changing rooms
Changing rooms and rest rooms are available in the Start/Finish area.

You will be allowed to pass on your registration to another rider. The new rider will have to contact officials prererably before the race weekend (or Friday from 6:00 pm to 09:00 pm or Saturday from 07:30 am to 09.00 am). 

Changing rooms in the Start/Finish area. Admittance only allowed for participants. Officials cannot be held responsible for deposited effects.

Race-numbers must be attached to the bicycles handlebar according to instructions. It's not allowed for more riders to share a Race-number. Telephone number of Race office will be printed on the Race-number.

Traffic guidance
Traffic guidance will be placed on particularly dangerous spots along the course in the start of the race, where groups are still rather large. The courses will be marked by arrows and/or signs.

Other quipment
Bikes must fulfill general laws. Using front and rear lights at night and reflective high visibility vest (from 10:00 pm until 05:00 am) is mandatory. The night loop is lit and you will therefore not need massive headlight to race in the dark.

For further information - contact Leo Jensen e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.