Full Catering

The race participation includes full catering. There is supply area in Middelfart at the start/finish area.

There is access to water at the checkpoint at the day loop.  Personal food supply can be handed to participants before or after the supply area. Helpers are off cause allowed to acquire food in the supply area for the participants.


The menu in the supply area will be varied throughout the 24 hours:

  • various fruits
  • Cucumber pieces w / salt
  • Raisins, peanuts
  • Rye bread
  • Light and dark wheat bread with jam
  • Sandwich
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee, tea, chocolate milk
  • Cake
  • Cola, water, energy drink, juice

From 17.00 to 23:00 we serve a hot meal consisting of:

  • Meat from the grill (chicken, turkey, etc.). and meat sauce
  • Pasta and Rice
  • Salad bar and dressings

From 22:30-24:00 we serve sausages from the grill.

From approx. 24:00 to 02:00 we serve asparagus soup with meatballs. If you need armbands for helpers (free access to all food served) you can buy them at the inscription. 200 DKK for adults, 125 DKK for kids 3-12 years (both ages included).