Results 2016


Here are the results from the 2016 edition of Xtreme Melfar24.

  • Result for each class
  • Detailed timing data for each participant. 


Here links to the results in PDF format

Result for each class     Solo Male 24H 
Solo Male 12H
Solo Female 24H
Solo Female 12H
Pair 24H
3 man team 24H
RAAM qual male
RAAM qual Female

Detailed timing data     PDF
30 quickest laps     Day loop
Night loop
Final loop


Result (all classes)

Fastest laps

Detailed timing data



Unfortunately we have had problems with transponder registration in 2016 and thereby also faulty results for many riders.

Final corrections were done Monday 12th of June.

RESULTS 2016 (timing providers result page)