Flot omtale!

Mandag, 08 maj 2017.

Vi er rigtig stolte af de roser Baghjulets arrangører af Xtreme Melfar 24 har fået i seneste udgave af nyhedsbrevet, udsendt fra organisationen RAAM.

Hvis du ikke allerede har modtaget nyhedsbrevet, kan du læse omtalen her:



Thanks to events such as the Xtreme Melfar 24, ultra-cycling has grown in Denmark and has produced fine racers such as 3-time RAAM finisher Henning Larsen.

This year will mark the 14th edition of the Xtreme Melfar 24 - arguably Continental Europe's top ultra time trial. The event features 12 and 24-hour races for solo and teams. There is a non-drafting division which is a RAAM Qualifier.

The event takes place on Funen, the third largest of Denmark's Islands, with the start/finish in Strib, a small village on the Little Belt, the waterway that separates Funen from the Jutland peninsula. The course utilizes three loops: 1) the "day loop" (55.6km with 371m of climbing per loop); 2) the "night loop" (14.6km with 85m of climbing per loop); and 3) the "finish loop" (2.9km with 22m of climbing per loop). Most of the course lies between the E20 motorway and the Baring Vig. The course is characterized by low traffic roads in very gently rolling farmland.

This event has played a part in the considerable number of Danes participating in RAAM in recent years, including the 2-person team Biking Vikings (Hans Nygaard and Frederik Lassen in 2010 and Nygaard teamed with Karsten Hoffmann in 2013), Anders Tesgaard (the first solo finisher from Denmark) Henning Larsen (3-time RAAM finisher), Claus Robl, Aske Sobe and others. And of course Denmark will be represented in RAAM 2017-Henning Larsen is back, this time he's racing in the 50-59 age division; and the 4-rider team "Danes Across America" (Karsten Hoffman, Thomas Liebmann, Jeppe Byrnak, Marin Koelbaek) are racing in the 18-49 age category.

Then Xtreme Melfar 24 is operated by the Baghjulet Bicycle Club, one of the largest clubs in Denmark. By the way, Baghjulet means "rear wheel." Race Director, Leo Jensen does an outstanding job. RAAM President/CEO Fred Boethling attended the Melfar 24 and told us, "Everyone was extremely cordial. Jensen took time out of a very busy schedule to discuss the event. Beautiful area. Great event. I highly recommend it."

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